Many perceive Candidiasis (yeast infection) to. Be a. Skin disorder or. a. Vaginal infection, both. of. which. are. not. True. Candidiasis is a. Systematic condition involving an abnormal increase in the number of. Candida albicans present within the body. this. Overgrowth of. The Candida micro organisms cause yeast infection of. The genitals, intestines, throat or. Mouth. Candidiasis of. The mouth is medically termed thrush, similar to. How infections of. The vagina are. Referred to. As vaginal yeast infections. Often in both. Cases sufferers are. actually. on. The look-out for a. Thrush treatment.

Studies show that. At least ¾ of. All women have. Yeast infection at some. Point in their. Lives, but. this. Statistic is not. Meant to. Exclude men. they. are. just. As susceptible to. Candidiasis. Candida albicans is a. Fungus that, in line with true fungus nature, thrives in moist, warmer environments. As a. Result, it. Is known to. Inhabit the warmer, moist parts. of. The body like. The genitals, intestines or. Mouth. An overgrowth of. this. Fungus can occur in both. Men and. Women.

Yeast infection treatment is most. Commonly given in the form of. Over-the-counter creams and. Medications. this. Reigns true whether. you. have. Vaginal yeast infection, thrush or. Another form of. Candidiasis. Many conventional treatments contain steroids which. Can not. only. Lead to. Liver disorders but. also. Damage the immune system. besides. this. Hazard, over the counter remedies do not. Treat the condition itself as they. Address only. The external symptoms. The abnormal Candida increase is still present in your. Body.

Natural Yeast Infection and. Thrush Treatment

Fortunately, sufferers are. not. Doomed to. The cycle of. Conventional treatments offering temporary relief that. will. Likely rear its ugly. Head again—which makes. Sense since. The root problem never left. Natural and. Holistic-based treatment has. Been proven to. Effectively address the root cause of. The Candida overgrowth and. Eliminate yeast infection. it. Is also. Free of. Side effects, in contrast to. Conventional treatments. Coconut oil is one popular. Yeast infection remedy and, in particular, a. Successful thrush treatment.

One significant advantage to. Coconut oil thrush treatment is that. it. has. Been effective even against. The new strain of. Drug-resistant Candida species. it. Is also. Very natural, yet. Contains very powerful active ingredients that. Make it. so. Powerful in treating Candidiasis—Capric Acid, Caprylic Acid, and. Lauric Acid. All are. Effective anti-microbial agents derived from. Medium-chain saturated fatty acids that. Work to. Eliminate Candida yeast infection. Research shows that. These coconut oil fatty acids work together to. destroy. Candida albicans by disintegrating their. Cell walls.

Capric Acid is recognized for its anti-viral, anti-microbial and. Anti-fungal properties. Derived from. a. Medium-chain fatty acid like. The other. Two acids, this. Powerful agent reacts with specific enzymes produced by other. Bacteria. this. Helps convert the Capric Acid into Monocaprin, an anti-microbial agent, which. Is very successful at eliminating yeast infection.

Caprylic Acid is another agent of. Coconut oil derived from. a. Medium-chain fatty acid. Its anti-microbial, anti-fungal and. Antibiotic properties make it. An extremely effective remedy in eliminating Candida yeast infection. although. Studies have. Confirmed that. this. Powerful acid actually. Kills Candida in the gut, researchers have. yet. to. Be able. to. Explain a. definite. Reason behind it.

Lauric Acid also. comes. from. a. Medium-chain fatty acid. it. Is effective as both. An antimicrobial agent and. Anti-fungal agent. also. Reacting with enzymes produced by certain. Bacteria, Lauric Acid forms Monolaurin, extremely successful in eradicating fungus and. Germs from. The body. it. Plays an integral part. In the natural treatment of. Candidiasis.

Benefits of. Coconut Oil for Thrush Treatment

As you. See, coconut oil can be a. Very effective natural remedy for treating thrush and. Yeast infection. Coconut also. Serves as an edible fruit. it. Is more than a. delicious. Treat, though, as explained here. Its medicinal properties provide a. Safe and. Natural remedy for yeast infection. it. Can soothe the skin as an external application, help. The digestive system and. Provide relief from. The pain and. Soreness associated. With Candidiasis.

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Natural and. Holistic approaches to. Yeast infection and. Thrush treatment are. The most. Effective way. to. Eliminate the condition permanently. More about these safe, natural treatments can be found. In programs like. Yeast Infection no. More where. you. Can learn more about Candida, the triggers of. Yeast infection and. a. Permanent solution to. this. Dreaded condition.

Have you. Ever considered coconut oil for treating yeast infection, including as a. Thrush treatment?

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