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Too much sugar in. The diet causes oral thrush which can. Become painful if left untreated. This condition usually. Occurs in. Individuals and babies who have a weakened immune system. Below is an. Account of. how. Oral thrush remedy will be. Beneficial for. those. Who are suffering from it.

Oral thrush is a disorder in. Which the fungus Candida albicans forms in. The mouth. The fungus has. Tendency to. Spread in. The parts of. The mouth such. As gums, the back of. The throat, the tonsils. sometimes. in. The esophagus.

Symptoms of. Oral Thrush Symptoms may. Occur suddenly and will last. for. A prolonged period of. Time. they. Are as follows:

  • White lesions on. The tongue and inner. Cheeks
  • Painful and may. Bleed if rubbed
  • Trouble while swallowing if it. Spreads to. The esophagus
  • Feeling of. Food being stuck in. The throat
  • Difficulty in. Eating

Causes of. Oral Thrush

  • Weakened immune system
  • In infants, it. may. be. Due to. The sideeffects of. The antibiotics
  • Use of. Corticosteroids and birth control pills imbalances micro organisms in. The mouth
  • Inadequately fitted dentures
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer patients may  have oral thrush as the treatment weakens the immune system

Oral Thrush Remedy and Life-Style Modifications A person must change their attitude towards. The disease and make a change accordingly. they. Must practice good. Oral hygiene by. Brushing the teeth twice. A day and cleansing at. least. Once. The second. Change they. Have to. Adapt is the elimination of. Sugar from the diet completely. The fungus Candida albicans heavily depends upon. Sugar causing the ailment. Consuming lots of. Sugar will activate the fungus making it. Harder to. Control.

Salt water- Clean the mouth with salt water. to. Perform this, take one/two teaspoon of. Salt mixing in. one. Cup of. Warm water then. Rinses it. in. The region of. The mouth. Spit it. Out when. finished. Do not. Swallow.

Yogurt- A person must consume yogurt including lactobacillus and/or bifidobacterium. This will be. Helpful for. The person if they. Are taking antibiotics. it. Must be. Kept in. Mind that. The yogurt must be. of. High-quality.

Coconut oil- Coconut oil contains. Caprylic acid that. Is a well. known. Candida remedy. The use of. Coconut oil for. Oral thrush is easily available and very effective. for. This, take ½ to. 1 tablespoon of. Coconut oil and put it. in. The mouth. Let the oil melt in. The mouth. then. Rinse the oil around. in. The mouth for. at. least. Five to. Twenty minutes. Remember not. to. Swallow the oil but it. Must be. Spitted out when. finished. again, rinse the mouth with plain water thoroughly.

Tea tree oil- to. Perform this remedy, take a half glass of. Warm water and mix only four. Drops of. Tea tree oil. Rinse the mixture in. The mouth for. A minute or longer depending upon. The person. The person must be. Sure that. they. Are reaching entire portion of. The mouth. when. finished, just spit out the solution without. Swallowing.

Check out the breasts- Women who are pregnant are advised to. Examine their breasts as the fungus passes to. The newborns through breast feeding. to. Prevent this, they. Must check for. Reddish or sensitive nipples, skin on. The areola that. may. Appear flaky and unbearable pain deep within. The breasts.

Onions and garlic- Garlic and onion powder are proved to. Have antifungal properties. Increase the quantity of. Garlic in. The diet to. Eradicate yeast infection. Onions are also. found. Helpful in. Healing the white patches appearing in. The mouth.

The above. Discussion of. Oral thrush remedy will definitely decrease the severity of. The ailment. Even if, problem persists consult a doctor as early as possible.

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