1294559352 35 Is there a home remedy to relieve the itch of a vaginal yeast infection?

I am. sure. I have. a. Yeast infection but unable to get. Treatment from the. Pharmacy until. Friday so. I need. To know if there are any good. Home remedies i could. Use to relieve the. Itching

baby powder calms the. Itch.also. Walmart has what. They call. Vagicane ..cheap version of. Yeast creams and. Only cost 2 dollars.works well

Peel a. Few garlic cloves. put. Them in the. Blender with warm water. Blend like mad. Strain (pour through. a. Piece of. Clean cloth in a. Funnel). Douche with it. It neutralizes the. Itch and. May get. Rid of. the. Yeast infection. Not a. Joke, I've done it more than. Once. More easily, try blotting vinegar or diluted vinegar on the. Itchy area. This may neutralize the. Infection.

You could. Try taking a. Shower and. Makinig sure. To remove any infection stuff from your vagina. Use a. Little bit of. Antibacterial soap on your finger and. get. All the. Stuff out. Then use a. Little more water to rinse. If you have. some. Aloe vera, either. a. Live plant or gel, that would. Be good. To put. On. If you have. some. Medical lotion (something that heals skin rashes or is. Antimicrobial) you could. Use that, also. Hope this helps.

yes, try boric acid. It actually relieves and. Eliminates yeast infections.

cornstarch or baking soda water.
Just pat a. Little cornstarch on yourself and. That really helps with the. Itching.
Or mix baking soda and. a. Little water and. Clean yourself with it. That is. Supposed to help. I've never tried it, sorry. But I do know the. Cornstarch works wonders.
It won't cure the. Infection but it'll help the. Itching.
No bubble baths. Anti bacterial soap! the. soap removes all the. good. Bacteria along. With the. bad. and. You'll end. Up with a. Bacteria infection also!

I would. Recommend overthecounter remedies.

For true "homeopathic remedies,". You can. Apparently use unflavored yogurt vaginally. For most people, that's a. Bit too weird. They tell. You to eat lots of. Yogurt to change your body's pH.

Have at it.

Is there a home remedy to relieve the itch of a vaginal yeast infection?

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