1305449299 71 How To Get Rid of Tongue Thrush and Mouth Thrush Fast Quickly

Tongue thrush and. Mouth thrush (collectively known. as. Oral thrush or thrush of. The mouth) is a yeast infection in and. Around the mouth and. Throat caused by the bacteria Candida Albicans.

Many people (almost 50% of. Adults and. Children) have naturally-occurring Candida bacteria present in their. Oral cavity without. Suffering any ill-effects. It's balanced with other. Bacteria in the mouth and. It's only when this balance is upset that. The uncomfortable and. Sometimes painful symptoms associated with thrush appear.

The people that. are. most. At risk from suffering from oral thrush are:

  • People with dentures (as it can. be. Difficult to. keep. them. Clean)
  • People with weak immune systems (such as. HIV sufferers)
  • People with type 1 and. Type 2 diabetes
  • Newborn babies

The main symptoms of. Oral thrush include white ‘patches’. Inside the mouth that. can. be. Wiped off, a bitter salty taste on. The tongue and. A painful, red soreness in the mouth at throat.

If you suffer from oral thrush, your first port of. Call should. be. Your doctor who. Will be. able. to. Diagnose your condition and. Prescribe anti-fungal medicines. these. Medicines are. available. In multiple guises including tablets, lozenges, powders, creams and. Mouth rinses. Your doctor will be. able. to. Consult with you about. The best. Format of. Medicine for. Your particular. Circumstances.

You can. Prevent oral thrush by maintaining a good level oral hygiene. This includes brushing your teeth and. Tongue twice. Daily, using dental floss, using mouthwash, making. Regular trips to. Your dentist and. Eating a balanced diet with your recommended amount. of. Sugars.

In addition, if. You've dentures, you should. Insure that. They are. Kept clean.

If you suffer from re-occurring mouth or tongue thrush and. Treatments from your doctor have been. Unsuccessful then. consider. taking. A look at natural remedies such as. Rebecca Haworth’s 3 Day Thrush Cure.

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