1304173455 64 How do I get rid off the <strong>white stuff</strong> (Oral Thrush) on my tongue permanently?

How do. I get rid off the white stuff (Oral Thrush) on. my. Tongue permanently? Ok I am. Sick of brushing it off every other. Day,from. all. The brushing my. Tongue bleeds sometimes. Is there a way to remove permanently,please dont tell. me. To just brush it all. The time ,I am. Tired of it.

Do you. take. an. Inhaler like. Flovent? It's a steroid and. If you. do. Not rinse your. Mouth out afterwards. you. can. Get a fungal infection in your. Mouth called thrush. using. The drug Nystatin can. help. Get rid of that. Talk to your. Dentist or. Doctor. Good luck!!

You need. To get yourself some. Nystatin Oral Swish. can. be. Obtained only by. Prescription.
It's a liquid antibiotic specifically for. Thrush. and. It works.
Also, you. may. Want to change your. Toothbrush often, especially. If your. Thrush starts. To improve.

There are oral thrush treatments your. Dr can. give. you.

it's a combination of diet, scraping and. using. an. Antibacterial mouthwash that. Will take. this. away, but. You'll have to keep. on. Doing these things to keep. Them away. for. Good. make. sure. you. Are flossing everyday too, you. need. To remove as much. Of the bacteria from. your. Mouth as you. Possibly can. Reduce the amount of dairy in your. Diet, replace it with fresh greens (salads, raw veggies) and. Fruits —this combined with the daily bacteria removal will make. your. Condition much. Better.

Well, I don't know. About permanently.

My friend uses strong black tea or. Glycerin. Just soak a small part of a clean wash cloth in tea or. Glycerin and. Clean your. Tongue with. friend does. that. once. A week.

If you. truly. Have thrush then the only way to get rid of it's to visit your. Doctor and. Get a prescription for. It. Thrush is a yeast infection in the mouth and. Isn't likely. To go away. on. Its own. No matter how much. or. Hard you. Brush your. Tongue.

Lightly brush mouth and. Teeth with sea salt, I do. It 3 times a week now but. Everyday for. 1st week. Rinse well and. Brush with regular toothpaste.

Use tooth pastes that. contain. Salt and. Activated carbon.also. make. It a habit to use a Tongue cleaner with smooth edges.

I'd that. It was. Agony i just used. A strong mouthwash


Click on. this. Link. It'll tell. you. About a treatment for. Oral thrush. my. Son had it as an. Infant &. this. Worked well but. was. Messy to apply to an. Infant's mouth. Hope this. Helps. you. Must treat the infection to be. Rid of it.

Brushing doesn't get rid of yeast, you. Must visit your. Doc. I'd that. once, freaked me. Out at first, it was. In my. whole. Mouth area. The doc gave me. some. Prescription and. It was. gone. Just like. that. Didnt return.

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