1308718111 22 Help! Possible probiotic overdose? (sorry maybe tmi)?

I don't know what to. Do. I've had diarhea for 7 days now. with. no. Sign of it. getting. any. better. it. Occurs throughout the day and night, even disturbing my sleep with. Bloating and pain. The stool is. Tan-ish, which. according. to. The research I have. done. Means there. is. mucus in it.

About a. Month ago I finished a. course. Of antibiotics for a. Kidney infection. I am. Pregnant. I'd no. Bowel trouble.

Because of chronic fatigue, my doctor told. Me I have. Candida overgrowth. She put me on. a. Powerful probiotic. The one I used to. take. Was 1 billion live organisms. This one is. 15 billion live organisms. I took. it. a. Couple of days with. no. Ill effect. then. The diarhea. I haven't taken it. 4 days now. yet. The diarhea remains.

I don't know what to. Do. any. thoughts? I'm only asking on. here. because. It's the week-end and I can't see. going. to. The ER for this. nevertheless, it. is. Quite uncomfortable and I'd like. Relief asap.

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