Candida &. Alcohol   Why Alcohol is Bad For Candida Infections

Did you. know. Candida &. Alcohol have. a. Direct connection? Find out. Today why. Alcohol is. bad. Candida infections and overgrowths and why. you. Should be concerned if. You’re still drinking with. Candida overgrowing in. Your body. plus. I’ll explain how. Candida actually. Actually causes. Symptoms identical to those of inebriation.

The Candida, Alcohol Connection

So just how. Does candida and alcohol tie together? Well for one. thing. a. By product of yeast fermentation in. the. Body is. Alcohol That’s right if. you. have. a. Candida overgrowth you. have. a. 24/7 brewery going. on. in. Your body which. is. Causing fatigue, exhaustion and a. Host of other. Symptoms. not. only. This, but. the. Toxicity caused to your liver is. Beyond anything else, since the. Alcohol creates pure toxic alcohol, extremely high in. Acetaldehyde. This chemical is. the. cause. Of hang-overs due to alcohol consumption. now. Just imagine that. Your body is. creating. This same. Toxic compound day in. Day out, relentlessly assaulting your already. Weakened liver

This is. the. Reason why. Candida sufferers often seem. Fatigued in. the. way. a. Normal person would. Be hung-over. in. Addition to which. They have. To deal with. other. Symptoms created. By the. Yeast which. Places further stress on. the. Immune system, body and liver especially

If you. Still drink alcohol, you’re only. Adding insult to injury. No one. Should technically drink alcohol in. the. Amounts they do. Socially due to all. the. Health problems it can. create, but. Even in. Small amounts to a. Candida sufferer it can. cause. Tremendous health problems. Often alcohol will damage. a. Candida sufferers liver since their liver is. already. Overworked to the. Point that. It can’t handle the. Additional liquor.

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