Can a vaginal yeast infection spread to the anus or cause anal itching?

I just recently. got. off. Of antibiotics for. Bronchitis, which I know. have. Been known to. Cause yeast infections. Personally, I have. Never had. one. Before but. I have. Been experiencing a vaginal itch, along. with. Discharge –. Classic signs of a yeast infection. My only. Concern is that I'm having itching in. My anal area as well. Is it possible that the yeast infection could have. Spread to. My anus or that the irritation has. Spread to. That area?
Thank you!

I think just a common irritation has. Spread there. A yeast effection is only. Caused on. The vagina area it dosent go. to. you. Anus. I just think the medication caused irritation to. your. Vagina and. Anus and. you. have. A yeast effection. you. Dont get. It in. The anus only. Vagina. also. if. your. Unsure you. got. A yeast infection try. Buying Vagisal Screening Kit. you. Just pee on. It and. put. Ut towards a colour chart that comes in. The box and. Itll tell. you. if. you. have. A yeast infection or not. Hope this. Helps. good. Luck.


Yes it can spread to. other. parts. Of body.

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