Antibiotics are one. Of the most. Common causes. Of oral thrush. If you need to. take. a. Course of antibiotics, then. You should talk to. your. Doctor or. pharmacist about measures that you can. take. to. Prevent oral thrush or. Other fungal infections from. Invading your. Body and. Causing discomfort.

When you take. a. Course of antibiotics, the medication doesn't discriminate between. Different types of bacteria. Present in everyone’s body there. Are good. Bacteria that have. a. Protective role in preventing other microorganisms from. taking. Over. While antibiotics are a. Very important medication and. Essential to. Overcome many. Conditions, they can. Eliminate the good. Bacteria in your. Body.

Candida albicans is. one. Of the microorganisms that can. get. a. Ticket to. Ride when you have. Taken antibiotics. It is. Candida that is. Responsible for causing oral thrush. This micro-organism is. a. Type of fungus that is. Present in most. People in the mouth, gut or. Skin, but. It is. Prevented from. Multiplying and. Causing any. Noticeable problems by. The immune system and. good. Bacteria. there. Are certain antibiotics that are more. Likely to. cause. An outbreak of Candida than. others. If you're prescribed a. Course of antibiotics you can. Ask the doctor or. Pharmacist about the likelihood of having Candida develop and. They may be. able. to. Suggest some preventative measures.

One of the main things. That you can. do. to. Try and. Prevent oral thrush when you're taking. Antibiotics is. to. take. An acidophilus supplement. You can. Purchase these in capsule or. Powder form and. They will. Re-introduce good. Bacteria into. your. System. This is. most. Effective if you can. take. The supplement as far apart. from. your. Antibiotic as possible. taking. These can. sometimes. Prevent some of the other possible sideeffects of antibiotics too. such. As nausea or. Diarrhea.

Although oral thrush is. a. Mild health problem, it can. cause. Some discomfort and. Pain. If you're aware that antibiotics can. cause. Oral thrush, then. While taking. The medication you can. take. Steps to. Prevent it and. Avoid developing it at all. If you know there. is. a. Possibility it might crop up, then. If you do. Happen to. Develop the white, telltale patches in your. Mouth, then. You can. Seek treatment right. Away. Time is. Of the essence as once it has. Established itself, it is. more. Difficult to. Knock out and. May spread to. The throat area too.

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